Android Application for kids

You can find the app on Google Play Store using the name NeverLost. The app has been designed by High school students of Secondary Public Education in Corfu Greece with the aim to help children with special needs to communicate with their parents in case of emergency. The app is available only in Greek, at the moment.

Call your guardian

Kids call their guardian using ths function.

Send an SMS

Kids send an SMS to their guardian. The default message is " I am lost".…

See your position

Kids see their position on Google mpas using a GPS signal.…


Presentation of the App in Greek Secondary I.T. Teacher Symposium
(Kastoria 24-26 April 2015)


The app contains 6 different functions:

  • Make a Call (e.g. father,mother, guardian)
  • Send an SMS (e.g. father,mother, guardian)
  • See your position
  • Send your position with an SMS (Address)
  • Send the map of your position (Hyperlink SMS)
  • Settings (set the default recipients of the call and the SMS)


The app was created by High School students studying at four different State Schoolson the island of Corfu, Greece but working close together. For the successful completion of the project the following steps were undertaken. Students

  • 1. Studied the needs of the application.
  • 2. Made a market and a competition research of other kids applications.
  • 3. Designed the different functions.
  • 4. Decided and appointed tasks to the different student teams.
  • 5. Programmed using Appinventor.
  • 6. Used Photoshop for the graphic designs.
  • 7. Transferred the disign to Appinventor.
  • 8. Published the application on Google Play Store.
  • 9. Designed and published a relevant web page.


The following State Schools worked for the completion of the project:

The Vocational High School of K.Korakiana worked on the design of the app and the web page. Secondary School of Amfipagiton, 2nd and 4th General High School of Corfu worked mainly on the writting the code using App Inventor.


Please contact the team via email:

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